Antivirus providers vary a lot on the market, and we have used our fair share. After extensive testing DMC IT chose Sophos as our go to antivirus.

Sophos makes enterprise-grade security that works for small and mid-sized businesses. Providing sophisticated protection with simple management, Sophos Endpoint Protection is ideal for under-resourced organizations.

Sophos work via a 3 step process of preventing, detecting and responding.

They offer a full range of products bespoke to the threats of the days and can ensure your company stays compliant and protected.

  • Central Intercept X – Anti ransom ware protection – looking at the behaviours of a virus not the footprint and therefore able to pick up new threats and stay ahead of the market.
  • Central Endpoint Advanced – Advanced anti-virus software run from Sophos labs in Abingdon. Perpetually assessing new threats and adding them to the endpoint protection in real time
  • Central Device Encryption – Utilising windows bit locker Sophos encryption provides a managable product that can be controlled centrally
  • Central Phish Threat – Test phishing emails with your staff with a safe and manageable solution.

Important Service Update

While we continue to provide a full range of services for our clients, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff.

Consequently, our field-based engineering team are following appropriate safety procedures, potentially resulting in a slightly altered service capability for some of our customers.

If you wish to log a service call, please continue to our Support page.

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