Prepare now for the winter threats

Technology is re-writing the rules of business.

Historically, price and product have been where a company can differentiate themselves from the competition. Whether it’s by offering a unique service or the lowest prices, identifying your opportunity in the market and satisfying customers has been relatively simple. Over the past five years however, the rise of mobile technology has created a new type of customer: “The Digital Consumer”. These Digital Consumers are changing the way companies engage with their customers and business models that aren’t embracing these changes are rapidly falling behind. Customer service is the modern battlefield. Digital Consumers do not want to be confined to business within the hours of 9-5pm. They want the freedom to make purchases on their time. They expect near immediate response from companies and will often purchase elsewhere if their experience with a company is less than streamlined. What’s more, these Digital Consumers embrace online channels such as review portals and social media and your company’s reputation is quickly becoming a public commodity should your customer service be anything less than satisfactory.

What can you do now to compete in this changing landscape?

Digital transformation is revolutionising the modern workplace. Cloud technologies provide access to company data anytime, anywhere. Collaboration between team members, departments and customers is streamlined. Productivity, efficiency, scalability; a digital workplace removes the barriers across business processes and enables organisations to offer customer service that meets the demands of the Digital Consumer:

  • Always at the end of the phone; VoIP telecoms allow you to stay connected to your phone system anytime, anywhere.
  • Customer focused features such as call queuing, virtual assistant, messaging and call recording aim to enhance the customer experience of every call.
  • Digital IT infrastructures allow data to be shared easily between applications and devices, resulting in a more personal service.
  • Cloud technologies offer immediate disaster recovery to ensure you’re always online.

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