CounterHack are an external cyber security and technology company who provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector. Made up of ethical hackers, Cybersecurity consultants, adventurers and thought leaders they have provided us:

  • Approval of our proposals and solutions to ensure security is maintained in any new solution or company. Often when IT develops security is forgotten so our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that what we propose has been 3rd party validated.
  • Un biased and external consultancy for our customers IT security. We strongly believe getting advice around your cyber security is best placed coming from an external source as there will be no conflicts of interest. When we introduce CounterHack into our customers we are opening our selves up to criticism but that is to out testament that we believe in what we do.

What we can offer

CounterHack has given us the ability to help any company:



A Fully Outsourced Information Security Service.

Our flagship service offering a complete security service without the cost of hiring an in-house security team.



A Fully Managed Cybersecurity Service.

CounterHack will test your system for vulnerabilities in your assets and your people, detect intrusions and provide remediation actions.



Uncovering Vulnerabilities and Defending Against Intrusions.

Focused purely on uncovering vulnerabilities and defending against intrusions and internal attacks. Stop your business from being attacked today.



Ensure Your Business is Compliant.

GDPR effects all companies processing and holding personal data of people within the EU. We can help you to become secure ahead of 28th May 2018.



Let us bring in the process and documentation into your company

We can create bespoke documents like ‘IT security’, ‘Acceptable use policy’ and ‘travel’ documents’ so you can be assured your company is doing everything it can to protect your data and business.

We have now helped numerous companies gain their Cyber essentials accreditations and with many gaining it a simple tick box exercise due to their systems already being managed at a higher level.

Ask for a free IT security audit from CounterHack

Important Service Update

While we continue to provide a full range of services for our clients, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff.

Consequently, our field-based engineering team are following appropriate safety procedures, potentially resulting in a slightly altered service capability for some of our customers.

If you wish to log a service call, please continue to our Support page.

020 8688 4243